News from the Manor Vol 19

  1. Singapore Launches Public Consultation on its Copyright Regime: The Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) launched a public consultation to gather public feedback on proposed changes to Singapore’s copyright regime on August 23, 2016. The review seeks to ensure that Singapore’s copyright regime continues to provide an environment that benefits both creators and users in view of technological developments in the past decade. A summary of the issues under consultation can be found in Annex A. The public consultation will run for two months, ending on October 24, 2016 (5pm). Members of the public are invited to submit their views online via or in hard copy to the following address:

    Intellectual Property Policy Division

    Ministry of Law

    100 High Street

    #08-02, The Treasury

    Singapore 179434

  2. WIPO Appoints New Legal Counsel: WIPO has recently appointed Frits Bontekoe to head its legal team.Frits will be replacing Edward Kwakwa who now is  a senior director of the WIPO Department of Traditional Knowledge and Global Challenges, in the Global Issues Sector. Frits joins WIPO from his previous role as legal counsel at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). More on that here.

News from the Manor Vol 18

  1. WIPO Publishes Global Innovation Index 2016: Last week, we mentioned that the  results of the Global Innovation Index 2016 would be released soon. Well, the 2016 rankings in the Global Innovation Index, was released by Cornell University, INSEAD and WIPO on August 15, 2016 with Switzerland, Sweden, UK, USA, Finland, Singapore taking the lead. For the first time, a middle-income country (China) has joined the ranks of the world’s 25 most-innovative economies since inception of the survey. More on that here.
  2. India Launches first IP Crime Unit: In order deal with the menace of piracy, the state of Telangana, India has launched India’s first IP Crime Unit – Telangana Intellectual Property Crime Unit (TIPCU). The Unit is modeled upon UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit and will operate under the cyber crime wing of the CID. TIPCU’s main task will be to monitor online piracy and recommend blocking of websites providing pirated contents, identify the perpetrators and pursue action. More here, here and here.
  3. Readers of WIPO Magazine have been invited to complete this survey ‘to better understand your interests and reading habits so that we can deliver the content you want to read in the formats you prefer’. The survey will close on September 9, 2016.

Lazy…not so lazy Saturday Reads

  1. The 2016 Global Innovation Index. Lazy read here.
  2. What have ‘cobots’ to do with IP?
  3. Shooting a movie in India and wondering if the movie title can be protected? Not shooting, but curious anyway? This is for you.
  4. Not a lazy read per se, but readers of WIPO Magazine have been invited to complete this survey ‘to better understand your interests and reading habits so that we can deliver the content you want to read in the formats you prefer’. The survey will close on September 9, 2016.
  5. Not so IP-related, but I have always found the concept of data and privacy protection fascinating.

News from the Manor Vol 17

  1. WIPO to Open External Offices in Africa: Following the submission of hosting proposals by African Member States in respect of hosting WIPO external offices, voting was held in Geneva on August 4, 2016 and Algeria and Nigerian were chosen to host WIPO external offices for North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa respectively. Only six African countries (Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya and Nigeria) filed their hosting applications before the deadlines set by the United Nations. More on that here and here. The hosting proposals can also be read here.
  2. Ghana IP Registry Closed Due to Strike Action: Following the nationwide strike action embarked on by the Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOSSAG) on July 27, 2016, of which the Ghana Intellectual Property Registry staff are members, the  Ghana IP Registry remains closed. The strike is due to government’s failure to pay CLOSSAG members interim premium (a monetary incentive paid to attract and retain critical skills in short supply). More on that here and here.
  3. Ed Sheeran is being sued by the family of a co-writer of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” who believe that Ed Sheeran’s hit, “Thinking Out Loud” is based on it. More on that here.
  4. WIPO to release Global Innovation Index 2016: The results of the Global Innovation Index 2016 will be released on August 15, 2016 at a press conference in the United Nations’ headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2016 will focus on global innovation networks, ranking the innovation performance of 128 countries and economies around the world, based on 82 indicators. Follow the press conference live and join the conversation using #GII2016.

Lazy…not so lazy Saturday Reads

  1. The August 2016 edition of WIPO Magazine is out and in the spirit of the ongoing Olympics, there’s an article on that. IP-related of course.
  2. We had previously mentioned here, that Angela Daly‘s book Socio-legal Aspects of the 3-D Printing Revolution was scheduled for release in June 2016. It’s out now and  has been kind enough to review it here
  3. If you have been following the US Presidential elections, you would have heard by now the plagiarism allegations leveled against Melania Trump for copying parts of Michelle Obama’s speech. IP Whiteboard has this to say about that.
  4. WIPO is about to open external offices in Africa – Algeria and Nigeria. 6 African Member States submitted their proposals, which you can read here. Looks like the right time for the Lady to update her CV. WIPO, here we come!
  5. Ever wondered why you can’t find some of your favourite music artistes on Spotify? Here’s why.
  6. Recently, the Lady came across a tweet that forbade someone for using the Rio2016 hashtag and thought it was ridiculous. Well, it appears not to be hence the question –  Are companies allowed to tweet about #Rio2016?

Lazy…not so lazy Saturday Reads

  1. As we celebrate the World IP Day this month,WIPO has published a special issue of its WIPO Magazine. This issue, the second this year, offers a range of perspectives onWorld IP Day 2016
    the opportunities, the challenges, and the role of intellectual property in the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.
  2. This post – Cost of Patent Prosecution, provides some insight into the troubles one may encounter in filing patents and responding to queries, which of course play a huge role in determining the associated costs.
  3. is curious about the ownership of these images of Kanye kissing himself? Kanye 2Some background information by Jen Lewis – “I Photoshopped Kanye Kissing Himself And A Famous Artist Reportedly Made $100,000 Off It”.Kanye1
  4. Eleonora Rosati discusses the impact of four major legal copyright cases (NLA vs Meltwater & PRCA; Infopaq I & Infopaq II; Svensson vs Retriever; and Fox News vs TVEyes) on the media monitoring industry here.
  5. WIPO’s Conference on Global Digital Content Market held between April 20-22, in Geneva. Catch up on happenings on twitter using the #digicontent2016 hashtag

News from the Manor Vol 4

…and we are back to regular programming!

  1. Nice Classification Updated: The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks was established by an Agreement concluded at the Nice Diplomatic Conference, on June 15, 1957 and was amended in 1979. Parties to the Nice Agreement have adopted the Nice Classification for registering trademarks. The Nice Classification, which was first published in 1963, is now in its tenth edition. The latest version of said edition (2016 version), which entered into force on January 1, 2016 has since been made available online by WIPO.
  2. COSON in Owerri: The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) will be hosting a Stakeholders’ Forum for copyright owners in the South-East and South-South states of Nigeria on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 in Imo, Owerri State. Details here.
  3. Managing IP Publishes IP Stars 2016 Trade Mark Rankings: Managing IP recently announced its 2016 rankings of the top firms for trademark work in over 70 jurisdictions. Debuting in the Nigerian category is G. O. Sodipo & Co. About time, the Lady says. The 2016 rankings for patent and copyright will be published in March and April, respectively. The rankings can be viewed here.
  4. World IP Day Theme for 2016 Announced: The World IP Day is celebrated every April 2016 to promote discussion of the role of intellectual property in encouraging innovation and creativity. 2016 is no exception and as has been the norm, WIPO has announced the theme for this year’s celebration, which is captured below.

    2016 IP Day
    World IP Day 2016
  5. WIPO Green Welcomes New Partner: WIPO Green has welcomed two new partners – The Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property (OMPIC) and The Environment Public Authority (EPA) of Kuwait. The WIPO GREEN Network facilitates commercial relationships and transactions by connecting green technology providers and seekers. In related news, WIPO Green is calling for applications from experts to advertise in its WIPO GREEN Roster of Service Providers. This call is for experts who can provide technical assistance, advice and consultancy in all areas of green technology transfer and deal making. Sign up here.
  6. 2016 SEED Awards – Applications now Open: WIPO GREEN Partner SEED Initiative has announced that applications are now open for the 2016 edition of its SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development. The annual award scheme is designed to find the most promising, innovative and locally led start-up social and environmental enterprises in countries with developing and emerging economies. More details here.
  7. Call for contributors to IPKat: The IPKat team has announced its intention to create a new role – InternKat. There are 2 slots available for this role, which is expected to run for a period of 6 months. The call is for keen IP enthusiasts and aspiring community bloggers. The deadline for applications is 29 February 2016. Successful applicants will begin their internship on 1 April 2016. Interested? Have a look at the announcement here.

News from the Manor Volume 3

Eeeek, the Lady missed her self-inflicted deadline again last Sunday. This is not without good reason – career advancement, which involved studying. At what point does one stop writing exams? That said, apologies m’readers and let’s get into the news some of us may or may not have missed:

  1. NAFDAC fines Guinness Nigeria: The National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) recently imposed a fine of N1 billion over alleged infractions relating to the destruction and re-validation of expired raw materials without prior approval. This brings to mind the closure of Chocolate Royale by NAFDAC on similar grounds in May, 2015. Chocolate Royale has since re-opened and the word from NAFDAC has been mum. More details on the fine imposed on Guinness can be found here and here.
  2. Trademarks Registry Reverses Suspension of payments on Online Portal: Following the introduction of the Treasury Single Account (TSA), the Trademarks Registry notified users of the suspension of payments on its online portal (The Lady still cannot get over why these notices are not on the portal’s news section). The Registry has, however, reversed the suspension order following series of meetings with stakeholders to clear outstanding issues related to compliance with the TSA directive.
  3. WIPO Deputy Director for Copyright Resigns: Anne Leer, the Deputy Director for Culture and Creative Industries Sector of the World Intellectual Property Organisation resigned from her position in November, 2015. She cited personal reasons and has indicated that she wishes to return to an operational role in the creative industries.
  4. Jeremy Phillips Retires: On 26th November, 2015, Jeremy Phillips of the acclaimed IPKat blog announced his retirement on the blog. The Lady met Jeremy sometime in 2014 and has remained in awe of his humility and devotion to his work. Prior to meeting Jeremy, he facilitated her first IP blogpost on one of his numerous platforms (No, not telling). The Lady went on to write for another IP blog before eventually launching IP Manor. The Lady wishes Jeremy the very best in his retirement and hopes to hear his views on IP development from time to time. Yes, Jeremy, you can never truly retire. Jeremy now tweets here.

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World IP Day

Hello there and welcome to the IP Manor!

According to WIPO, April 26 was designated by member states as the World Intellectual Property day in 2000. This is in commemoration of the day the WIPO Convention came into force in 1970. The day is celebrated with the aim of increasing general understanding of IP.

As an IP enthusiast, I have chosen to launch the IP Manor on this day as my contribution to the objectives of WIPO. The theme for this year is … (cue applause)

Get up, stand up. For music.

World IP Day 2015

This theme is so apt because I love music. When I get too busy for music and I somehow stumble on it, it feels like I’ve found the missing puzzle to my life. Right now, FourFiveSeconds  is on replay in my head.

In the spirit of the day, I will share 5 of my favourite songs at the moment. I will probably look back at this list and scream ‘Shucks! I should have put this song instead!’. Nevertheless, enjoy

1. Aloe Blacc

2. Asa – Eyo

3. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

4. Rudimental – Free ft Emeli Sandé

5. Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix)