Lazy…not so lazy Saturday Reads

  1. I am still confused by this complaint sent to IP Factor. The more I read it, the more perplexed I am. Some lawyers ordered lunch to their office for themselves and the client, and invoiced the client. I am almost certain that will never happen in Nigeria. You certainly don’t want your clients thinking you’re miserly.
  2. This is courtesy the Lady’s father – Citigroup Inc (C.N) has sued AT&T Inc (T.N) for the use of “thanks” and “AT&T thanks” in a new customer loyalty program which infringes the former’s trademark rights to the phrase “thankyou”.*sigh* More on that here and here anyway.
  3. Is there a thin line between ‘trademark enforcement’ and ‘trademark bullying’? Find out here.
  4. If the allegation of sampling levelled against Justin Beiber and producer, Skrillex (as well as the other songwriters of ‘Sorry’) by Indie artist, Casey Dienel (aka White Hinterland) were instituted in Australia, here is what the Courts will consider. The song by Dienel is ‘Ring the Bell’.
  5. On patent marking in Australia and its effectiveness.
  6. I absolutely enjoyed reading this post on Cannibalism, Branding and Market Segmentation.

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