Lazy…not so lazy Saturday Reads

  1. As we celebrate the World IP Day this month,WIPO has published a special issue of its WIPO Magazine. This issue, the second this year, offers a range of perspectives onWorld IP Day 2016
    the opportunities, the challenges, and the role of intellectual property in the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.
  2. This post – Cost of Patent Prosecution, provides some insight into the troubles one may encounter in filing patents and responding to queries, which of course play a huge role in determining the associated costs.
  3. is curious about the ownership of these images of Kanye kissing himself? Kanye 2Some background information by Jen Lewis – “I Photoshopped Kanye Kissing Himself And A Famous Artist Reportedly Made $100,000 Off It”.Kanye1
  4. Eleonora Rosati discusses the impact of four major legal copyright cases (NLA vs Meltwater & PRCA; Infopaq I & Infopaq II; Svensson vs Retriever; and Fox News vs TVEyes) on the media monitoring industry here.
  5. WIPO’s Conference on Global Digital Content Market held between April 20-22, in Geneva. Catch up on happenings on twitter using the #digicontent2016 hashtag

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