Lazy…not so lazy Saturday Reads

  1. Last week, the Lady highlighted CIPA and ITMA‘s commentary on BREXIT and possible impacts on IP in the UK . Well, the statistics lovers at Aistemos are asking for data to back these claims.
  2. A brief lesson on Piracy Paradox and the fashion industry here.
  3. This review is a rather long read, but very useful if you plan to or have organised IP conferences in the past.
  4. Content is a huge concern of most bloggers and this post by Fashion law encapsulates that. This may not be a concern for IP bloggers though.
  5. A while back, the Lady wrote about copyright and tattoos. This article also asks if tattoos are protected by copyright with reference to the case of  S. V. Whitmill v. Warner Bros.
  6. Curious about CopyrightX?

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