Lazy…not so lazy Saturday Reads

Learning is fun! You know how YouTube sucks you into an abyss and derails your plans for world domination, that’s what this week’s first read did to the Lady:

  1. I was excited about this new series on IPKat that focuses on IP practitioners in various jurisdictions around the world until I clicked the lunch-al-desko link! I was sucked into food abyss and began planning my lunch meals for the foreseeable future on my employer’s time. Reminds me of my old job where I had made a pantry out of my allocated drawers. I could go on and on about the joy that link brought me, but back to the post. Yes, the Lady has a similar series planned for the blog so look out for that next year. *fingers crossed*. Not everyone seems to share in the Lady’s excitement though. It’s in the comments.
  2. Big changes in the European Trademark Regime, which you can catch up on here, here and here.
  3. In the few times, the Lady has read about Brexit, she never considered its impact on IP in UK. Thankfully, the good people at ITMA and CIPA have done just that here and here.
  4. Saturday reads won’t be complete without a post from Aistemos. A guest contributor is advising against jointly-owned IP rights and he does make some good points. The Lady often worries about the IP agreements we draft in this part of the world and the post just emphasises that.

…and it’s a wrap for this week! Happy Easter Holidays.


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