Lazy…not so lazy Saturday Reads

Sometimes, the Lady comes across articles (IP-related, of course), that are too good to keep to herself. Inspired by some of her favourite bloggers, the Lady has decided to curate these articles for your reading pleasure. You may want to grab a cuppa tea or some ice cold drink depending on the weather while you read away.

  1. This was my favourite post this week. It had me chanting #DirtyData all day and even now, as I type. I bet you will be chanting #DirtyData by the time you are done reading.
  2. Now, immediately I saw the title, I thought about our very own PMRS/COSON v MCSN. This, however, is a tale of two collecting societies in Trinidad and Tobago.
  3. Can you identify with any of these branding mistakes? I know I can. It’s also useful advice for your clients.
  4. I cannot ignore a post on Monsato. For those familiar with Monsato or who are curious about the company, here are two updates from India. This came first and then Matthews George decided to play devil’s advocate with this post.
  5. If you read my post on bioprinting, you’d know that I am fascinated with 3-D printing. In US, the Supreme Court has been approached to provide some clarity on copyrightable aspects of 3-D printing.
  6. For fashion lovers, here is some perspective on how fashion intersects with IP.
  7. I could literally feel the author’s excitement in having his book ‘featured’ in a movie. Look out for the comment on incidental inclusion.
  8. You know the Lady loves the  Aistemos team right? Here’s another one. This time around, it is about patent statistics as a measure of a country’s innovation and economic growth.
  9. Could not decide my favourite on the QMJIP blog. Read all, maybe?



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