Looking for IP Texts with a Nigerian Focus?

Recently, the Lady was transported back to her undergraduate years whilst arranging her library. The year that marked her journey in IP to be precise. She recalls searching frantically for a text on IP before classes commenced. To put things in perspective, she had no author or title in mind. It took a while before any of the booksellers offered her anything useful. She eventually bought her very first IP text and it was authored by F. O. Babafemi. Of course, by the time classes commenced, she was pretty much the only person with an IP Text and it turned out to be the recommended text. Not that there were any others per se. 

Over the years, her library has expanded to include other IP texts authored by Nigerians and foreigners alike. Today, she will be sharing with you her recommended texts for those who wish to learn more about IP Law in Nigeria (and probably are as clueless as she was then).

Here goes:

  1. F. O. Babafemi: Intellectual Property – The Law and Practice of Copyright, Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Designs in Nigeria. 1st ed. (Publisher: Justinian Books)
  2. Folarin Shyllon: Intellectual Property in Nigeria (IIC Studies, Studies in Intellectual Property and Copyright Law, Vol. 21) (Publisher: C.H. Beck)
  3. Bankole Sodipo: Piracy and Counterfeiting – GATT-TRIPS and Developing Countries (Publisher: Kluwer International)
  4. J. O. Asein: Nigerian Copyright Law and Practice. 2nd ed. (Publishers: Books and Gavel)
  5. Adebambo Adewopo: Nigerian Copyright System – Principles and Perspectives. (Publishers: Odade Publishers)
  6. Adebambo Adewopo: Intellectual Property Rights in Nigeria – Law and Development (Publishers: NIALS Press)
  7. NIALS Journal of IP (NJIP) – This is a bi-annual peer-review Journal published by the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. The Institute also has an  IP Centre and will be running an IP Management Course in Lagos, Nigeria between 18-20 July, 2016. The NIALS Calendar 2016  also contains details of other programmes that may interest you.

A number of articles by Nigerian authors such as Ayoyemi Lawal – Arowolo, Kunle Ola and Ufuoma Barbara Akpotaire can also be found on SSRN.

More suggestions are welcome as this list is based on the Lady’s Library.


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