Ebola and Intellectual Property Matters

A career in Law or Medicine have always been the preferred choices put forward by Nigerian parents to their wards. Medicine was a no-no for the Lady who thought she had an aversion to blood at the time. Having been certain about a legal career, the Lady thought a wise way to marry both options was to marry a Medical Doctor. Oh, the simple ways of a child!

In recent years, the Lady has had the opportunity to learn about the intersection between the Law and Medicine from an IP perspective. Fascinating! I tell you. As such, when the Lady was requested to make a presentation in any field of law to an interview panel, you can bet what choice the Lady made. At the time, Ebola was a huge topic in Africa. That formed the basis of the topic: Ebola Virus Disease – Matters Arising. Remarks from the panelists indicate that it was unexpected, but it was well received.

Between the drama over life/image rights in the soon to be released movie – 93 Days and the recent news about Ebola treatments failing, the Lady has chosen to  revisit her presentation by sharing same with her esteemed readers here.


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