News from the Manor Volume 3

Eeeek, the Lady missed her self-inflicted deadline again last Sunday. This is not without good reason – career advancement, which involved studying. At what point does one stop writing exams? That said, apologies m’readers and let’s get into the news some of us may or may not have missed:

  1. NAFDAC fines Guinness Nigeria: The National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) recently imposed a fine of N1 billion over alleged infractions relating to the destruction and re-validation of expired raw materials without prior approval. This brings to mind the closure of Chocolate Royale by NAFDAC on similar grounds in May, 2015. Chocolate Royale has since re-opened and the word from NAFDAC has been mum. More details on the fine imposed on Guinness can be found here and here.
  2. Trademarks Registry Reverses Suspension of payments on Online Portal: Following the introduction of the Treasury Single Account (TSA), the Trademarks Registry notified users of the suspension of payments on its online portal (The Lady still cannot get over why these notices are not on the portal’s news section). The Registry has, however, reversed the suspension order following series of meetings with stakeholders to clear outstanding issues related to compliance with the TSA directive.
  3. WIPO Deputy Director for Copyright Resigns: Anne Leer, the Deputy Director for Culture and Creative Industries Sector of the World Intellectual Property Organisation resigned from her position in November, 2015. She cited personal reasons and has indicated that she wishes to return to an operational role in the creative industries.
  4. Jeremy Phillips Retires: On 26th November, 2015, Jeremy Phillips of the acclaimed IPKat blog announced his retirement on the blog. The Lady met Jeremy sometime in 2014 and has remained in awe of his humility and devotion to his work. Prior to meeting Jeremy, he facilitated her first IP blogpost on one of his numerous platforms (No, not telling). The Lady went on to write for another IP blog before eventually launching IP Manor. The Lady wishes Jeremy the very best in his retirement and hopes to hear his views on IP development from time to time. Yes, Jeremy, you can never truly retire. Jeremy now tweets here.

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