There came Peanut Butter Granola and a Trademark Matter

The Lady has a love-hate relationship with the kitchen. Her love for food cannot be denied though. Food is exciting! That goes for peanut butter and granola. When the Lady came across this Peanut Butter Granola recipe, you can bet how excited she was writing her shopping list. Let us pretend for a minute that she did not have a pack of half-eaten store-bought granola in the pantry.

Nevertheless, the Lady went ahead with the grocery shopping excited to try out the new recipe. For peanut butter, the lady picked a jar of Skippy Super Chunk or so she thought. Whilst assembling the ingredients, the Lady realised she had bought this instead …

Super County Peanut Butter
Super County Peanut Butter

.The Lady was immediately reminded that her name had been misspelled on her medical card only a few days back  and she had only realised the error prior to her shopping. That is not to say the Lady is not observant (*huffs*). The Lady proceeded to carefully inspect the product and notes that Super County Peanut Butter is distributed by one Fine Agro Foods Ltd, England. The manufacturer’s details are nowhere stated on the product.

Google was of course the next port of call. A court action perhaps? Well, the Lady was disappointed on that front. She did, however, note the following from her brief research:

  1. The website address ( quoted on the product does not exist.
  2. It appears that Fine Agro Foods Ltd was incorporated in England sometime in 2014. (The Lady may have just lost a bet on the origin of company’s director. Oh, she does have a name … ssssshhh!)
  3. It also appears from the label that Super County is a registered trademark. The Lady conducted a quick online search in class 29 of the UK’s IPO trademark database of the word Super County for marks filed between 01/01/1876 and 15/10/2015 and this was the result IPO Search page - Super County IPO Search Result - Super County

Ooopsy daisy…..A possible case of infringement?

Is Skippy registered in the UK? See below for yourself.

IPO Search Result - Skippy

The Lady wonders if either of the trademarks in contention are registered in Nigeria seeing as both products are sold in Nigeria?

Below is an image of Skippy Super Chunk for your comparison. Do have fun comparing the images and share your view on the possible trademark infringement matters arising.

Skippy Peanut Butter
Skippy Peanut Butter

Did the Lady use the Super County? Errrrr…


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