WIPO Subscriptions

If you are an IP enthusiast like the Lady, then you must be subscribed to at least one of WIPO’s newsletters. If you are not, now is the opportunity to do so. If you already are, here is what WIPO has to say to you.

We’re moving to a new newsletter and press-release distribution platform.

Please renew your subscription and come with us!

As of June 16, 2015, all WIPO’s e-newsletters and press releases will be distributed through a new platform. This change will bring you:

~a central subscription page where you can manage all of your WIPO e-newsletter subscriptions and update your details and preferences;

~a more user-friendly layout and design for WIPO e-newsletters;

~and new offerings: The WIPO Wire bi-weekly selection of news and features; DG’s Highlights; and the WIPO ADR Highlights from the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.

To continue receiving the press releases after June 16, 2016 please sign-up on our new platform.


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